Sheri Mason Art

Masonart offers a wide variety of products and services. Life size nativity scenes, full length portraits, fabric restoration, pet portraits, murals, reproductions, faux art, or book illustrations. Just browse the gallery and see what you may need to beautify your home, commemorate a special occasion, or make your Christmas more memorable.


Have you ever wondered what is would be like to have your portrait painted?  More than a photograph, a painted portrait adds warmth and color to a room.  It can be very dramatic – or as casual as blue jeans – your choice!  Perhaps you miss your grandmother or favorite uncle.  You could have their portrait done!

 Pet Portraits: 

To many people these days, a pet is just another member of the family.  Because of this, many times then we lose a pet, a portrait takes away some of the sense of loss.


Create a completely unique environment, from cartoons to a lakeside scene.  Possibilities are endless…..

Nativity Scenes: 

Life size for a large, or 2/3 for the smaller yard, each 3 piece set can be custom painted with family members for your own “live” nativity scene.


Can’t afford the original?  Copies can be a fraction of the price.

Original Works: 

If you see any of Sheri’s own paintings, a gicle can be made at very little cost.


Her newest medium is colored pencil, which lends itself to book illustration for children.