Sheri Mason Art

Murals, Trompe L’oeil Scenes, Landscapes, Cartooning, Faux Finishing, Pet Portraits

In recent years Mrs. Mason has worked as a muralist in private homes.

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A Note From Sheri...

I am passionate about the arts and fascinated with faces. Identifying actors from years ago – who look just like – you know what I mean.  So the first time I “sold” a painting – used it as trade to pay a debt – it was of a very expressive painting by Gericault.  That was college – this is now, I’m painting calmer subjects, something for the living room, not the dorm.  I got into the art scene here in south Florida with a few national and international competitions, all the while I was doing murals, nativity scenes, and the odd stage set or float design.  I do love to create!    Each client brings the unexpected to each project weather they shed a tear or give a big smile.
Hope to be serving you soon!          – Sheri


Have you ever wondered what is would be like to have your portrait painted?  More than a photograph, a painted portrait adds warmth and color to a room.  It can be very dramatic – or as casual as blue jeans – your choice!  Perhaps you miss your grandmother or favorite uncle.  You could have their portrait done!

Pet Portraits

To many people these days, a pet is just another member of the family.  Because of this, many times then we lose a pet, a portrait takes away some of the sense of loss.


Create a completely unique environment, from cartoons to a lakeside scene.  Possibilities are endless…..

Recent Work

I could write a book about Sheri Mason and her incredible talent. As a matter of fact, I did write a book, actually three of them for children and she illustrated every one.  Additionally, she has done a portrait of my daughter and friends, painted two accent pieces of furniture and an entire 4 wall mural for my guest bedroom and … even decorated a toddler’s cranial helmet to make it cute instead of curious – amazing!!.  She does it all.  Do I think she is awesome …. Oh, Yah….will I have commissions for her in the future…You Bet!!!!

Kay Snyder

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